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Ask Someone: 2010 Volkswagen Golf - Sunroof leaks

What to do about leaky sunroof VW Golf 2010 34,000 miles?

Maybe fix it?

Leaky - why? Often the drain tubes get clogged and water overcomes the seal. Look for clogged drains and blow them out with compressed air. Might solve your problem. You might need a new seal for the sunroof. Start with the drains.

Mustangman is right. Here’s more detail from our partner site if interested.

Thank you Mustangman,

I had that done but it is still leaking. I was just told there’s a crack. Might it be worth it to have a new seal?

Many thanks


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I can’t see the car, I don’t know its mileage or condition nor the cost to replace the seal soooo…

That decision is up to you. Water leaks into the car will rapidly make it unpleasant to drive and can destroy the interior so I’d get it fixed.

Thanks so much


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