Leaky 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

this will be the second time for a leak in my sunroof on my 2017 golf all track wagon. Liner needs replaced for a second time. i heard there was a recall for this problem but i can’t find it. also a leak under my dash on the driver side. fills the eyeglass box with water during a hard rain.

Greg S. doylestown ohio

Could be related? Usually there is a sunroof drain line that runs down that A pillar (windshield pillar). Perhaps that is buggered in such a way that its clogged/leaking. Next time its dry open the sunroof and carefully pour water around the outer channel, you should see the drains in the corners and the water draining (normally by the wheels) onto the ground. Has the car ever been in an accident or had undercoating applied?

Also re:dash: Take the plastic cover off in front of the windshield. Make sure theres no trash in there blocking drain lines. Sometimes pollen and goup get in there and it is all down hill.

Recommend google :slight_smile:

Third or fourth result: https://vwalltrackpanoleak.com/technical-service-bulletin/

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No recalls. I suggest you go back to the dealer with the TSB referenced above.