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Ask Someone: 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe P1728 and C1627

My 3.3l santa fe has a esc light, and the awd light on. The awd is blinking at me and the codes are P1728 and C1627. I tried a new viscous coupling that didn’t get rid of the codes. Recently an auto start has been added on the car.

The viscous coupling doesn’t address either error code, from what I can see. Your transfer case actuator has a problem and likely needs replacing. The P1728 says your transmission is slipping and likely need replacement of rebuild.

Remove the auto start, it will cause more problems and you will be posting back here about false starts and drained batteries.

Are you talking about a ’ Remote start ’ or the ’ Start / Stop ’ that shuts off the engine when you stop a signal light and then restarts the engine when you release brake and press accelerator. Frankly I would remove what ever you added to the vehicle.