2012 Hyundai Santa Fe chunking/bumping transmission

Have owned this 2012 Hyundai 4 cylinder AWD since bought new in Virginia. No problems until lately at 92,000 miles with the transmission starts to chunk or bump several times and then clears up and runs great for maybe a couple of weeks and happens again. Have taken it to AMMCO transmission but they can’t find anything wrong.
Seems like the AWD transfer case tightens up every once in a while before the gears have time to relax or release tension. Does this make sense to anyone out there. Other then that we love our Sante Fe.

I am surprised AAMCO didn’t recommend rebuilding the transmission… 'cause that’s what they do!

Has the fluid ever been changed on this transmission? If not, do that first. And not a flush, drop the pan, replace the filter and add fresh fluid. It will only replace about half the fluid but that may be enough to fix this minor issue before it becomes major.