2001 Hyundai Santa Fe lurching while driving


Over the last two weeks my 7-year old Santa Fe (automatic transmission) has started doing something unusual.

On hot days (we’re in Atlanta, so think 90+ with high humidity), the car will lurch forward while I’m in drive and accelerating. Instantly, the check engine light comes on and then, if I come to a stop, it takes a few moments to get the car in motion again. Once I get it to start going again, I can accelerate without problem. It’s just getting it going from a complete stop. I really have to press down on the gas pedal.

Any suggestions what the issue is. I’m guessing transmission. My husband (who knows even less about cars than I do) says O2 filters and that I need a tune up.

I’m supposed to drive 2 hours to see in-laws tomorrow .

Oh, yeah. The problem is intermittent. Not there on days where it’s not too hot and can be there one afternoon and gone the next morning.

What should I expect from a mechanic and what kind of cost should I be expecting for repairs?



Atlanta, GA


I forgot to mention, the car has 53,000 miles.


Sounds like fuel starvation. Change the fuel filter if it hasn’t been done. If that doesn’t help, the fuel pressure should be checked. It’s possible the fuel pump is failing.


AND change the air filter at about 25,000 mile intervals.


Thank you both so much! That’s very helpful information!