Armor Protection

I am in the process of buying a 2007 Honda Odyssey. The dealer asked me if I want to purchase Rust, Paint and interior protection for a price of $799. It comes with a 10 yr rust protection warranty, 7 yr paint, 5 yr surface rust, 7 yr interior. Is this worth it?

Give your salesman a firm “NO” to all such offers. When you take possession of the car, read through the plethora of printed materials that come with every new car. They will include separate warranties for rust, surface, etc. beyond the familiar bumper-to-bumper coverage. In other words, Honda has already rustproofed your car at the factory. The dealer is simply trying for additional profit.

And when the dealer cuts the price to 399 (because he likes you), still say no.

It’s pure dealer profit. Say no with attitude!

Then get yourself a canister or bottle of car wax (less than $5) and give your new buggy a good wax job. And, if you have youngsters, buy some upholstery protection spray at the parts store (less than $5) and spray the fabric to protect it from stains.

Then bank the left over $789.

Just for laughs, tell the salesman you’re backing out of this deal since you do not want to buy a vehicle that is made out of such shoddy materials that it requires additional protection and watch his reaction.

(The serious answer has been given to you by the previous posters.)

Or better yet, tell him to make it 1600 and to double up on the “armor”. He’ll pass out right in front of you.

Absolutely not! It’s a rip off. The actual cost to the dealer in labor and materials is well under $100.

Paint protection is a polymer that you can buy for a few bucks from an auto parts store and apply yourself. Same for the interior protection which is just Scotch Guard. If you still want to hire it done, go to an auto detailer. They will charge 1/4 to 1/3 of the dealer’s price.

Don’t get additional rust protection. At best, it won’t help. At worst, it will block critical drain holes and accelerate rusting.