Are todays tailights all thexact orangish red? 50's vehicleseemed to have different hues

Actually I can’t recall earlier than 81 when I had mirrors on both sides, at extra cost I think. I do remember our 61 Merc had two mirrors but they were mounted on the fenders. They worked fine but adjusting them either required two people or in and out in and out, repeat. Looked nice but stupid especially when the full service attendant would try to clean them and move them.

After losing my 2S deferment and winning 1A, I was ordered to report for history and physical on what I interpreted as the 29th.
At 0800, I dutifully showed up for my 0830 appointment, SIR!
I forced the door but could not get in. Theavy door was locked.
Since when is the military closed on Sunday??

At home I re examined the page.
The handwritten date was 27 but the 7 had a loop appearing to be a 9.

Wrote my draft board that I appeared as ordered and asked if they would please reassign me a new date.
No answer until I was reclassified from 1A to 1H.

The 2nd generation Lexus GS had an extra set of “inboard” tail lights flanking the license plate, and after several years, they tended to fade to a much lighter shade of red than the tail lights at the rear corners. At first, I thought that I was looking at cheap-o aftermarket lenses, but after a while, I noticed that this seemed to happen to all of them after just a few years.


Those were the ones I remembered that faded. Also, did some '70s/'80s Benz tail lights fade?

I never noticed it, but you may be right.

My '87 Olds did not have a right side mirror. It was an add on option at a ridiculous price.

Since I had found in test driving that those right side mirrors were not adjustable at all, in any way, and that they reflected bright glare into my eyes while not being of much use for me, I opted to forego adding one.

First car I owned with a right side mirror was the 2007 Impala.

My '71 Charger didn’t come with a right-side mirror, so I had the dealer add it. Adjusting it was a real pain of… in and out of the car God-only-knows how many times… until I had it adjusted acceptably.

I wonder what the folks who detest any and all modern “electric/electronic gizmos” on their cars think of the modern mirrors which adjust electrically and precisely from the comfort of the driver’s seat on even the cheapest econobox.


I don’t think my 74 had the right mirror because I had those add on mirrors for when I pulled the camper. When I got the 81, I sold the mirrors. When I had the left mirror who knows? Can’t remember. 59 VW, 59 Pontiac, 68 Dodge? Danged if I know. We were taught to use the rear view mirror and back then you could actually look over your shoulder to see what was there or where you were backing.