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Green Headlights

I saw green headlights on a Toyota O’Tundra this afternoon. How did he do that? Is it a plastic overlay?

Not enough chlorine?

The guy still owned it, so I don’t think he was under water on the loan.

Probably. I see these all the time in my area. I was young once so I kind of understand them.

We are less than 10 days from St Patrick’s Day. I figured there must a a relationship. But maybe every day is St Pat’s day for the O’Tundra owner.

They must still sell those tinted lights.

Back when I had my Civic for a couple years I got into the blue light fad. When I was looking, they had green tinted bulbs sitting beside the blue ones. But that was probably 10 years ago now that I think about it.

If tinted headlights are legal, I could get the green ones and have Christmas all year long.

One Too Many Green Beers.
After That Last One, All Headlights Begin Looking Green.

I drink green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, so why not tape some green film on your headlights?

Before I got my cataracts removed, light blue looked green.

Yeah, it’s just an aftermarket tint. Did you like it?