Are todays tailights all thexact orangish red? 50's vehicleseemed to have different hues

As a young boy I thought some cars’ tailights were mored than others. (Different manufacturers)
Imagination oreality?

Do all countries have the same red?

Also remember seeing tailights purple from a distance when owners installed 1-inch blue lens in their tailamps!

Thank you.

I’ve never noticed any difference but then never really looked. I used that red Loctite lens repair once and it was a perfect match. Can’t get it now for some reason, just clear and amber.

My BIL came by with his restored 56 Ford pick up and he had the blue dot tail lights on it. I don’t know where in the world you get those yet but only for serious car guys.

I know some tail lights fade over time, so they’ll end up a different shade of red. As for the ‘blue dots’, I think they were just to look different. Not legal on a modern car, can be OK on a classic.

If the car in front of me has both brake lights working I really don’t care what shade of red they are .


Yes, blue dot tail light lenses are still available from several sources.

Speedway Motors for one.

Might be illegal but I doubt your 54 Plymouth or 32 Ford Vickie would get pulled over for having them.

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i thought everything in the 50’s was black and white???


As a little boy I apparently dreamt in black and white.
Thought nothing of it until in a dream I saw mee-mool lights (o)T(o) (grade crossing signals) whichad pink lamps. (Very disappointing because I wanted them to be the rich red they actually are.)

But I seem to recall 1950’s Oldsmobiles having a more red, tailight. Was this before automobile standards werestablished which required a certain precise color?

Also recall GREEN traffic signals. Not the bluish-green we see today - whichelps those who are red/green colorblindiscern the difference.

RG - your space bar is still acting up .

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I’m the one who ispacey sharing letters.

RG leased his keyboard, only gets 15,000 characters/year.


Letters come cheap but friends don’t. 'Spose you already considered that you may have some color blindness issues on certain hues if you think green is not green enough too. To my boss, everything looked brown but that was an extreme case.

I’ve never noticed that, but it could well be the case. Tail light colors are regulated by both state and federal law I expect, but I’m not aware of any requirement beyond the “red” description. i.e. I’m unaware of any allowed wavelength range, if it looks reddish , good to go I guess.

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In my state you’re still allowed to do this if your car is old enough. A nod to the hotrodders.

Many tail lights on today’s cars are LEDs. It’s cheaper to run a monochromatic LED setup than it is to run a color-mixing setup (i.e., they’re gonna be red LEDs, not RGB LEDs at specific brightnesses to make a shade of red). So it’s hard to imagine any car company would spend a bunch of money for a mixable LED setup when the goal is to make a color that LEDs come in already, which would result in all of the LED tail lights putting out pretty close to pure red.

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Fellow firefighter applicant and I spent over ahour filling out our applications.
He was so excited about becoming a firefighter!
When we submitted our applications, they gave us an interesting colorblindness test.
He came outotally dejected - failed the test flat out. I passed it perfectly.
Why did they not give us the test at the beginning to save all that time and effort?

The old traffic signals had greener green lens. The lens on traffic signals I use for driver ed classes look fairly blue when not illuminated. Such compensates for the 130-volt incandescent bulb running at 117 volts but also adds some blue to help red/green colorblind people identify the green lamp.

In 7th grade I made a sign for a friend. He had to pay for each letter.
To reduce co$t, I purposely mispeled words and shared letters.
It waso funny but worked. Teacher laughed because she sawhat I hadone.
Saved him a whole 95¢ !
(Think she kepthe sign!)

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Reminds me of an incident back in the 60s when they still had the draft for the military a guy I knew wore coke bottle glasses they gave a pre basic training physical he passed went through basic training took a pro basic physical he flunked the eye test they gave him a medical discharge.

Heh heh. I was #5 but my BIL was #1. They found out he was deaf in one ear so got a 4F. I was 1A.

@Robert-Gift I wonder if the use of LEDs in tail lights and stop lights might have something to do with it. They do have a little different hue and are extensively used in stop lights too with maybe the same lens. If it is the standard lens, a brighter light behind it might wash the color out a little.

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My friend and I were born the same day. When he asked our lottery number, I whistled: ‘You’re In the Army Now’.

I don’t get it.
In college I had 4 F’s so the Draft Board gave me 1A.

Yeah I barely got home after graduation and had a letter in the mail to report for a physical. Reminds me “Please Mr. Custer, I don’t wanna go”.

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I got a 1H, due to many eardrum punctures and pretty much blind in one eye. Draft number 69, to keep it car related my original license had a requirement to have a driver side outside mirror, as my right eye is the bad one. That was 72! when was the last time you saw a car without a door mirror on the driver side?