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Are these problems related, and how do I get my window to work?

Hi there! I have had an issue with the passenger side power window recently; sometimes it operates only with the driver’s side switch, sometimes only with the passenger side switch, and most recently, it often doesn’t work at all. In other news, the “low tire pressure” light has been on a lot lately even though the tires are fine. This morning, I was happy when I started driving to find the window would open with switches on both sides and the warning light was off, but a few moments later I noticed the light had come on, and then the switches no longer opened the window. Could these be related, and what do I do? Thanks!

What color is the car?

Seriously, a make, year and model could help us help you.
Very often window problems are due to the switches going bad. They wear out. Often you can pry the panel out of your door because it is held in with clips. If you have the schematic, you can just fake the switch out by shorting across it to see if that opens the window. If it does, you need a new switch panel.
I doubt the tire pressure monitor is related.

oops, sorry, I didn’t think about that info not being here since I’d just typed it when I registered. It is a 1998 Toyota Sienna. Thanks for responding

Do the windows work if you jiggle the key in the ignition? I have trouble sometimes with a sticky key switch that will randomly disable the radio and set the air bag light. Making sure the switch turns back from start correctly fixes this.

The tire warning issue might be due to a faulty pressure sensor in one of the wheels. I think the batteries for them are supposed to be good for about 10 years. Make sure the tire pressures are within a pound of the rated value and the tire tread wear is even. As for the window trouble, I don’t think the two issues are related to each other. The trouble with the window could be twofold or possibly just one. The passenger side switch has dirty contacts causing it to be intermittent and there may be a damaged wire in the door jam (driver’s side) that is causing the driver’s switch problem and passenger’s side issue. It is pretty common for vehicles that are 10 years or older to have window switch and/or door jam wiring issues due to flexing on them over the years. As a first step you also might try swapping out the passenger side switch with one of the others to see if that solves the trouble. Dirty contacts in it could cause the trouble from both sides.

My son had a glorified Toyota a while back, called a Lexus. It had symptoms very similar to your car’s. Turned out the passenger window switch was intermittantly bad. If it’s bad, neither the driver’s nor passenger’s switch will work. I suspect your Toyota and his former Lexus have similar wiring diagrams.