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Basic Car Maintenance Class?

Does anyone know of a basic car maintenance class in the Boston-Providence area? I mean really, really basic stuff like checking tire pressure, oil change, belts and hoses, etc…

Check with your local community colleges. You’ll also want a repair manual for your car, and a more general manual, the ‘Dummies’ book on car maintenance looks good.

For the simple stuff, go to You-tube. They’ve got some really basic video instruction on that stuff. Back in my day (before the internets), I hung around the mechanic’s shop and watched the pro’s do their thing. When I got my first car, these same shop mechanics helped me out to learn my way around it. I really learned a lot from those guys.

Agree with Tex. Here there is a one or two night class put on by the C.C. that covers basic car maintenance like your looking for. I’m sure there must be something in the Boston area like that too.

Buy a book. And Youtube the topics.

Nothing wrong with books & vids. either. Just be sure to then go out to the car and actually try it yourself a couple times. “Hands on” is the best way to learn.