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Are there any good aftermarket passenger seats solutions for a new Honda Ridgeline?

We just purchased the new Honda Ridgeline, the driver seat has powered lumbar, seat height adjustments and feels great, but the passenger seat has NOTHING. As the passenger, I would like the same driver seat comfort as we take many long road trips. Any ideas or options? Thanks in advance.


Skinny Buns in Kansas

One problem you’ll have is matching the new seat to the existing ones. If you find a new passenger’s seat, you might want a new driver’s seat that matches. And the cost is likely to be high. Sports seats with the features you want (not power seats) go for up to $1800 each. If you find them, expect to pay well over $1000 each.

The power passenger seat with options WASN’T an option when you bought it?

No, not an option I’m afraid.

If Ridgelines were sold in Japan, England or Australia, right side drivers seats would be available!

9 year old thread for Pete’s sake. They may not even have the vehicle anymore.

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