Better passenger seat requires an upgrade response

A woman needed a better passenger seat after surgery. My wife picked out our 2021 Subaru Forester, Touring Edition, primarily due to the passenger seat. Now able to take trips for hours without being in pain. And the passenger seat is identical to the driver seat.

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And your point to this post would be what? That the Forester Touring has good seats?

And what woman? Your wife?


Probably referring to something said on the show / podcast.

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Last car we bought was selected because of all the options for passenger seat controls for my fair bride with back issues.

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We bought our Audi because of my bride’s back and leg issues. Had to be an S Line trim, the seats are better.

Yeah, yeah. She just wanted the S-line version to get her ya-yas out on the road. :wink:

It wasn’t any more powerful, just a trim package… But she certainly seems to know what that skinny pedal on the right is for! :checkered_flag:

Followed her home in my truck one afternoon… couldn’t keep up!

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Thank you Nevada_545 for providing the link back to the original issue. I saw the Car Talk Q&A in the Saturday newspaper, eventually it showed up here. Lincoln’s had nice seats too but different price level for them.