Dead AC on a 96 accord

Hi. I bought an used 96 accord and didn’t go through the full inspection prior to buying it. This is the 2nd car I bought when I didn’t check it out from top to bottom.

Anyway, I can’t take it back to the shop that I bought it from because it’s been too long.

I live in Columbus Ohio and it gets hot here in the summer. Really, really hot.

I asked my new mechanic to check it out before the summer really hit and that’s how I found out the compressor is dead. He told me it would cost $600 to get it repaired. I asked him if he could find the parts at a junkyard etc. to lower the cost.

That’s where things have been for the last 2 months. He says he’s going to call me with information about a less $$ way to do this repair and I never hear back from him.

I owe my parent’s money on the car and I’m thinking I’m stuck in this situation. The other thing that makes this worse is that I have a toy dog and when she’s in the car, she’s in a carrier for her saftey.

Since it’s been 82-92 degrees these days I avoid taking her out with me, so we don’t go to the park etc.

I’m hating life right now!

Any suggestions?


Try another mechanic??? If it is the compressor…Then it’ll have to be replaced. I have no idea if there are aftermarket compressors that are cheaper (probably not). It’s hit or miss on a junk-yard part. Don’t know what else to tell you…except that people lived without AC for years. My first vehicle with AC wasn’t until 1990…Had what’s known as 4-60 AC…4 windows open at 60mph.

If the compressor is shot the only cure is a new, or rebuilt, compressor. If your mechanic is ignoring you find a new mechanic. I always take automotive AC issues to a shop that specializes in automotive AC systems. Surely there is such a place in your area. Give them a call or visit and let them tell you what it will cost to fix the AC.

In the mean time open the windows. Your dog carrier is ventilated, isn’t it? The dog will get plenty of fresh air as you drive to the park. Just don’t leave the dog in the car with the windows closed.

As MikeInNH says, many of us lived without air conditioned cars, or houses, for years. You will survive until you can come up with the money to fix the car.

By the way, YOU can call the junkyards in your area and ask if they have a compressor for a '96 Accord. You don’t have to wait for the mechanic.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll have to keep fresh water on hand for my dog and we’ll live with it.