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Anyone ever use Turo? (Car Rental)

Anyone ever use this service? Basically Joe Blow can put his car up for rent. Its kind of like air BnB for vehicles.

This seems like an insurance nightmare, especially for the person who owns the car.

I have considered using this to rent a pickup when the need arises. I have also considered it to rent a chevy volt, because I would like to drive one for the day because I find them interesting.

Yes, my daughter did last year when she went to Colorado house hunting for a week. She loved it. Said she was picked up by the car owner at the airport and had no trouble all week. Met again a the airport when she flew home. Just make sure you have sufficient insurance and that can add too the daily cost. I forgot what model car she had, some 4-wheel drive SUV.

Edited for clarification: Just talked to my daughter. You select an insurance plan when you make reservations for the car and the premium is added to your rental fee.

As a Renter it sounds like it could be a neat deal.

As a Rentee - No way in hell would I ever do it. I’ve seen what drivers do to rentals.

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