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May I rent your car?

I just started seeing commercials for a car rental service that uses the Air BNB business model. They broker your car to people that want to rent it. Wild you do that with your car? I suppose it would have to be an extra car, since most people need one for commuting and errands nearly 100%. Under what circumstances would you do it?

None ……………


I agree, but some people seem to be doing it.

I’d tell anyone wanting to rent my car that they need to make a payment and make sure the tank is full when they turn it in and any damage/wear and tear is their responsibility to pay me for.

I might want to rent someones truck, Uhaul my plan for putting and pulling the boat has no pickups north of the twin cities, and we are 120 miles north. My Trailblazer getting a little old in the tooth, 03 with 190k mile made the 5oo mile trip last week to go check out a property and we wanted to tour the lake. The trail to the boat launch was so roached I gave up 3/4 of a mile in, saw a hill and walked the rest, and seeing uphill grades with 8" ruts and nothing but loose sand and giant tread marks had to bail. DNR says road will be done when logging operations end in Oct. We want to take the leased rav4 for the trips in the future, now I am down to renting a menards truck if it has the hitch. could not find a service on craigslist, boat guy maybe this guy would do it but he is a little squirrely,

No way

People that rent cars often treat them quite badly, versus their own vehicle


Make that no FREAKIN’ way!


No way for me either.

I doubt very seriously that the rental company is going to reimburse a car owner if the vehicle is returned with a wiped transmission or engine. Or anything else.


no way for me

other than abusing engine/transmission/brakes/etc…

all my cars are sterile clean inside, to almost obsessive state, but I know that a lot of people just don’t get this concept and I would not like to spend hours cleaning the interior after some renter with “I want to have my breakfast in the car” attitude


There is absolutely no way I would let a stranger use my car. Another story. My nephew bought a used car that he claimed spent its life going between banks in Iowa and South Dakota so mostly highway miles. He bought it and took it to Canada. Problem was the drug dogs at the border alerted to pot residue somewhere in the car. He had to do some pretty serious talking but had the bill of sale to show he just bought it. I suspect the car was used for transporting more than bank deposits. The thing is you can’t avoid responsibility if some joker uses your car for illicit purposes, runs someone over, etc., or get it impounded. No way Charlie.


I refuse to let ANYONE outside my immediate family drive my cars under any circumstance, except of course, for emissions testing or a professional mechanic performing service on the vehicle. I won’t use valet parking, nor would I let a friend drive my car, so I sure as heck wouldn’t let a stranger do it, no matter how much they’re willing to pay. I also wouldn’t entertain renting out my home, or any part thereof to strangers via Airbnb or similar.


Surveys showed that people’s actual use was far less than that. During working hours the car is just sitting and could be available for use. In your driveway at night it just sits and would be available for use. Now I don’t agree with this, just reporting what I read. I’d guess many of us here have more cars than drivers at their home. A old truck kept around for occasional hauling. A weekend cruiser, track car or show car for example. A car for rainy days when a motorcycle just won’t do.

The business model recognizes this and puts empty cars and renters together. But like most of the posters to this thread…

Heck NO, No WAY I’d rent my car to a stranger.

I think it’s safe to say no enthusiast or owner focused on things automotive enough to post on a car forum would no sooner rent out their vehicle than rent out their child.
However, there are plenty of people who see a car as another appliance; one they spent more $ on than they should have, and wouldn’t mind a few bucks to relieve their strained finances.

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“I think it’s safe to say no enthusiast or owner focused on things automotive enough to post on a car forum would no sooner rent out their vehicle than rent out their child.”

You’d be surprised, a lot of cars I found on one of the sites are Porsches, BMWs, Corvettes, etc. Lots of enthusiasts’ cars.

No way in heck am I letting some stranger rent one of my cars (not that anyone would want either my Focus or my Odyssey…)

I have a hard time lending any of my vehicles to family or friends…No way in hell will I rent it out.

Do you have to have extra liability insurance for this.

I’d do it…with a $20,000 security deposit.

Anyone remember the Ford Hertz Mustangs? People would rent the Shelby Mustang from Hertz for the weekend and take it to the track. Bring it on Monday…sometimes with the Shelby engine replaced with a less sportier engine.

I just rented a Mustang GT for a week - it was FAST, and it was LOUD. I can’t imagine owning one and renting it out to anybody. Folks who’d want to rent one without owning one would want to ‘see what it’ll do’. Unless they are VERY skilled, a Mustang GT-level car is WAY outside their skill level. No wonder there are all those ‘Mustang crashes leaving a car show’ videos…

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I do a lot of business trips and several Hertz rental agencies have a new Mustang you can rent. I think it’s Avis that also has a Vette you can rent. Sometimes I get free upgrades…but the Mustang is off the Free upgrade list. I could never justify the Mustang rental to the accountants.

Same here, it was a birthday present for a vacation we took.

Some may remember that 40 or so years ago Hertz used to rent Shelby Musangs. These were often rented and taken to the race track.

Some years ago a guy purchased an old Shelby Mustang that had a history as a rental car. During the restoration the carpet was pulled up and welds were found where someone had added a roll cage.

A dozen or so years ago during the TV show “Pinks” one of the film crew rented a V-6 Dodge Charger and flogged that one repeatedly on the drag strip. Should have gone for the Hemi…