Looking for Car Rental Miracle!

This is my first time trying this!

I LOOOOOVVEE Car Talk I realized this community might actually be able to help me in this search. Does anyone know of a car rental group or agency or sponsor for a 3 - 4 week car rental. We’d love to find a Great Gas Mileage auto (does not have to be new)and the unlimited mileage feature like Alamo but at some Guardian Angel price (Alamo is $377.00 a week and that price is impossible for me.) I researched all the standard rental agencies and I just don’t have the funding for those prices!! The trip is a combination goodwill, medicine, bereavement trip. I can provide truly EXCELLENT references, a Sterling Driving record etc.

Thank YOU all for any tips, leads, etc.

The old fashioned “driveway” car deals (driving someone elses’ auto to their location while they fly.) don’t seem to exist anymore either.

OK!! Again, the factors are Great gas mileage, and unlimited miles for the duration of the rental (3-4 weeks – Late August thru early September.)

Thanks All!!

From the folk at “Making a Way out of No Way”

check out “rent a wreck”


If you are returning it to the same place as you start, a local dealership or auto rental company would be a place to start. One here will rent their used cars at a reasonable price and if you are convincing enough may even be able to cut you a better rate as a community charitable donation. $129 per week was the price a year ago.

check out “rent a wreck”

You beat me to it.

Do you have a vehicle of your own you could use instead?

Enterprise has weekly deals too that shouldn’t come close to the amount you quoted, especially for an econobox. And I don’t know about your area, but every vehicle I’ve rented from them has had less than 20,000 miles on it… one only had 100 miles on it!

Do you own a car currently and have full insurance? Also how old are you?

The price seems way out there. Also what general location are you visiting?

I cannot believe people replied. Thank YOU!!! I am a dinosaur and have no computer at home and have NEVER “chatted” (no cell either so i’ve never sent a text either. Again thank you for even giving my request the time of day.

I used rent a wreck years ago and had a couple of bad experiences and know others who have as well in other areas. Maybe it just depends on who the franchise person is but I don’t have that “take a gamble time or energy or money” these days. But thanks alot.

Just this moment, though, your email sparked an idea that perhaps they got a competitor along the way who functions better so I will pursue that. Thanks again!

This may be completely stupid in this cyberspace world… But I want to Thank each one for responding!! It does feel great the have some sort of “community” of folk chime in with good will and suggestions!!

To: andrew j

I do own a car and have insurance but it is older and I don’t want to stress the dear car out with a long trip. I am 57 years on this earth and am attempting to use my long earned wisdom!! Thanks again to all the responders for responding!

Long trips are less stressful for cars than short hops. If it’s in good running condition, use it.

Actually, how about you tell us what your “older” car is that you own, how many miles are on it, and how long its been since its last servicing.

We will let you know if that “older” car can take the trip or not.

If it’s a Studebaker, then I can understand your concern.
If its a '92 Buick LeSabre, then I can’t.


To Bladecutter and Tardis

Thanks for the perspective. I hear you but if ANYthing happens on the road and it’s mine, then I have to be able financially to repair it (I don’t live in the Credit Card Zone either) (Not to mention being away from my Beloved mechanic who I can count on to be ethical with me etc.)
Whereas if it is a rental then I call them and they handle it. The theme here is “the least amount of stress” because any trip dealing with bereavement, loss, advocacy, and “trouble-shooting” for human issues etc. has enough “inherent challenges”. I don’t want to have to consider any “what ifs” re: the vehicle etc.

This is one of those journeys that has to be done even though there is No Budget for it. So with low funds, I have to consider lots of details that wouldn’t matter if I could “afford” this emergency-type of trip.

Again Thanks for the input!

Hi Okay I can get you an rv rental here http://www.rvrentaloutlet.com/ or I have a friend who has a car which you are preferred. So what do you think? I can refer him to you if you like?

To Cerealjoe

Thanks for your reply. Since there aren’t any details about the car, its gas mileage, the price, etc. in your email I don’t know what to think about this.
I am willing to speak to your friend. I have been making tons of phone calls trying to find a solution… so sure. If he has a email address or phone number, I will follow up. I do not have computer at home but I will check this again tomorrow at the library (Aug. 12). If its not the solution, it puts me one step closer to it, Right!!