Anybody else having a problem with the mp3 podcast for show #1505: My Brother the Idiot?

For some reason this particular mp3 file is confusing my usb-mp3-player to no end. The symptoms are, first, when the show ends there are several minutes of no sound before the next podcast starts. And, second, if I try to skip past this CarTalk podcast file, the mp3 player locks up , won’t respond to button presses, and I have to remove the battery to get it working again. The other loaded podcast files play fine, 7 or 8 of them, have no problems of blank audio segments at the end, and I can skip through them frontwards and backwards w/out difficulty.

I’m not 100% certain it is the Car Talk mp3 file, it could be a problem with the mp3 player, or may be the file just go corrupted during the download, but wondering for debugging purposes if anyone else is experiencing this?

The mp3 player I use is branded “Polaroid” and is the kind where the mp3 player and its buttons are part of a usb memory stick.

Does it play ok on the computer?
Try to check the mp3.

Good idea. I downloaded the mp3 file I was having problems with again today and played it on the computer rather than my portable mp3 player. It seems to work fine on the computer with no blank minutes at the end at all. It appears the problem must be something on my end rather than the mp3 file format.