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Any yellow \YIELD/ signs still out there?

I don’t think I have ever seen a yellow yield sign in my city. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have “free flow lanes” or “weave zones”


Which I guess can be a yield in a way if you need over right away instead of driving in that lane to try and get over you just wait for an opening and then go but its more to say you don’t need to stop/yield as you have your own lane for “x” amount of meters. There’s a few folks that decide to stop or yield instead of continuing to drive and then lane changing.

I’m 50 years old and in my driving life on the west coast and Montana I don’t ever recall seeing a yield sign that wasn’t a red and white triangle.

You probably don’t need them because Canadians are so polite. :wink: Then again, you also have metric speed limit signs so it balances out.

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Besto assign right of way so drivers do not stop trying to figure out who is to go and who is to yield.
For years it waso nice driving through residential areas not having to stop when you could easily see no one was approaching the intersection.

You should try driving in Florida after a hurricane. Traffic lights are out and then the intersections are to be treated as a four way stop. Seems many drivers are clueless about four way stop rules.


Oh no, we need them :joy: There’s individuals that don’t know how a traffic circle(round-a-bout) works and that has a yield sign at every entrance lmao

A couple of years ago, I saw an older Lincoln that had stopped at a weird angle on a local traffic circle. Apparently, the driver attempted to drive around the circle in the wrong direction, and he turned directly into the path of the cars that were being driven correctly.


Right of way is already “assigned.” The driver on your right has the right of way. Back in Driver Ed, Coach Wilson even taught us right of way proceeds clockwise from due north in case multiple vehicles arrive at an intersection simultaneously. Granted, I doubt many people know that one. Best rule IMHO: When in doubt, yield.

Oh boy that’s a big yikes man! How does that even happen? Haha it would be so awkward to turn into a traffic circle the wrong direction :man_facepalming:t3:

As near as I could figure it, he attempted to make a left turn from the southbound highway into a lane that was coming from the northbound side of the road. Or to put it in other terms, instead of traversing the circle in the normal counterclockwise direction, he thought that he could drive around the circle in a clockwise manner.

The way that the curbs/dividers/barriers were configured, the turn was at such an acute angle that his car would have had to be hinged in the middle in order to complete that attempted turn. And, the angle was so acute that anyone who was fully in control of his faculties should have instantly realized that this was not a legal turn.

I should add that I pass a hospital on the way to and from work and it’s amazing how many people don’t know you’re supposed to yield to an ambulance. Or a pedestrian for that matter.

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Coach Wilson taught you well. However there is legal right of way and real world right of way which goes to the ‘jacked-up’ 4WD pickup truck with gun rack and ‘GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE I DO’ bumper sticker!

Yeah, we’re sadly not past “might (or in this case, size) makes right (of way).” Something else that annoys me is when someone who clearly has the right of way motions for me to go, as if I can read their mind or I’m stupid or something.

I apologize. I looked again at the new ‘yield’ signs. They’re the red & white ones @Mustangman describes. I was looking without seeing. (I still remember that from an episode of My Friend Flicka

In the 1950s I recall we had yellow octagonal STOP signs in our neighborhood north of Pittsburgh, PA. Think some had STOP in glass cat eyes between two parallelines of cat eyes.
. . . .STOP