Railroad crossingates now have red [|||||]....[|||||]....[|||||] instead of \\\\\....\\\\\....\\\\\

Heard thath.is because a woman interpreted the \\\ as pointing lefto drive around the closed gate and she was hit by a train.

Thank you.

Nothing like that around here, pics?

The left-leaning red slashes \\\\\ on the gates are now [|||||||]
(Wilhave to take a photo nextime wencounter a railroad crossing with gates.)

Thank you. Before, they had red trapezoids leaning left. Now all rectangles.

Not saying much for my observant nature I guess, did not realize yield signs are now red until a previous post.

We.re all accustomed to the yellow \YIELD/ signs.
Our city had them for years, even aftered \YIELD/ signs came out.

Nowide-open intersections, where we can easilyield to approaching cross-traffic, have STOP signs.
We waste more fuel, generate morexhaust, more brake wear and more noise from vehicles accelerating from stops.

But our city did put in some right green arrows I requested!
When traffic from ouright has a left green arrow, we righturns gain a right green arrow instead of everyone having to stop, start, stop, start doing Righturns on Red.

The greatest thing in northern MN is yellow flashing warning signs for stop lights, If it is not flashing you are good to go, no worries, if it is flashing prepare to come to a stop as you will not make it through. They are placed maybe 500 feet or more before the intersection. I love those things! Around here, green left turn arrow turns to flashing yellow. I always felt it stupid you are sitting at a red left turn arrow and not an approaching car in sight.

We have them in some places. Ours are two yellow [o] - one above, one below the yellow diamond BE PREPARED TO STOP WHEN FLASHING .

Our countdown [19] WALK signs also help save gas knowing we will not gethrough the green phase if the number is too low.
China has countdown traffic signals! Green [31] counts down to [ 0], then red [35] counts down. Many traffic-signaled intersections have permanent green [->]

Haven’t heard that, but I can believe it.
/// means go left
\\ means go right
||| means STOP

The level of stupidity never ceases to amaze me. What moron thinks those marks mean go around?

Reminded me of the imbecile that made a right turn from the center turn lane because he saw the arrow for the opposing traffic pointing right. In what altered universe does that make any sense? Couldn’t understand it even after it was explained to him. Kept arguing about it. Wish cops could whip out a scissors and cut up their license on the spot…


That situation makes as much sense as one that I was in last year. As I was trying to exit from the parking lot of my local post office, I had to brake very hard in order to avoid a collision with a car that was headed directly at me. The woman driving that car rolled down her window, pointed to a sign, and screamed at me…
“Look at the sign! It says do not enter!”

The sign was pointed in her direction, and she was the one who was driving in the wrong direction.


If she drove around the gate and got hit by a train I’d say she was just plain stupid and the direction of the lines was irrelevant.


The red trapezoids on gates descending from the right were \\\\\\\\\
Were they opposite ////// . ////// . ////// on gates which descended from the left?
From the 1960’s I remember gates were black and white.

Supposedly the red trapezoids pointed to go around the closed gate.
Maybe she interpreted it like a construction zone where arrows directraffic from the right lane to the left lane.

If she survived the crash and was questioned as to why she might have used the slanted lines as an excuse to cover her screw up.

I’ve never paid any attention to lines or bars on a RR crossing gate. I just stop and wait it out; at least most of the time. Yes, I do remember them being black and white back in the day.

The railroads around here are very bad about blocking streets forever. To add to the problem the city closed a number of streets around the RR yards and that means if one needs to go down Street A then you might have to travel 4 or 5 miles to go a quarter mile from one spot to another.

Thankfully, OK passed a statute last year which states that if a train is blocking the road for more than 10 minutes the police can be called and the RR will be cited and fined 1000 dollars. About time.

Denver established such an ordinance, I believe, in thearly 1900s.

My Asian driving students claimed thathe flashing mee-mool lights (o)T(o) meant stop and proceed when safe - same as flashing red traffic signals.

Years before, I.nvented a theory thathe alternately-flashing lamps mimicked the flagman swinging his red lantern to and fro.

Some grade crossing signals have (had?) a boulevard STOP sign which turns 90-degrees facing traffic when the mee-mool lights activate. Turns back to edgewise facing traffic when the (o)T(o) deactivate.
That STOP sign also conveyed stop and proceed as a STOP sign indicates.