Any of the sites you pay the experts to answer ? over the net any good?

99 jeep lost memory when battery died. towing to dealer too expensive. Do any of the on line services where you pay an expert to tell you how to repair something really work?? if their recommendation does not work are you still responsible to pay them??

Why don’t you just use us? I’m sure if you give more details, we can help you.

If you still want to use a paid site, I suggest to check them out online first. You may find that they give no advice but gladly keep your money, or that they give quality advice that can save you money.

my 99 jeep had a dead battery, put in a new one, sounds like trying to crank but wont. key with red line and circle around in appears on dash lights. I tried turning on the key and disconnecting battery for 15 sec and for 60 seconds with and without foot on brake. no change. beginning to think I need a model A (less parts to repair) unemployed I have to learn to repair.

If you mean the starting motor is cranking the motor over normally but the motor won’t start? Then, the key symbol on your dashboard is telling you that the chip key is not being read. Therefore the car’s security system won’t allow the car to start.

If you have another key, give it a try. Dealing with chip key issues often requires a good locksmith, or a trip to the dealer.

I did use a pay for advice service on my 46" Sony projection TV. It was only 4 years old and the guy that answered me did get me started in the right direcion towards a fix. Having a repair guy come to the house was going to be mega bucks, and I ended up sending the power circut board back to Sony for an $80.00 repair to the board. You pay for the service whether it is good or bad advice, but they stay with you until they understand the problem, so I’d say the advice will likely be good. As far as car problems, I think this site has some real good responders so you might get good advice for free.