Mechanic on Key West

I have a Wrangler and need a good mechanic who won’t take advantage of a young - and blonde!- girl. There are hundreds of Wranglers here,but no mention in the Mechanics Files of a good Jeep shop.

Ask the owners of those other Wranglers who they go to for repairs.

Is there some specific problem you are having? If so tell us about it and maybe someone here can steer you in the right direction.

No problem. I’m looking for regular service, and want to build a relationship before I have a real problem.

That’s exactly the right approach. Talk to people you know for recommendations. You won’t necessarily need a Jeep specialist for most repairs, but what you do need is a shop which is competent, reliable, and respectful. You might even go along with a friend who is dropping off their car for a repair, just to get a sense of the “feel” of a shop. You’ll learn plenty just by observing the way employees communicate with customers, how the place looks, etc…