My car went insane


when the computer crashed. It’s been replaced, but now the cylinder heads have to be shaved, as well. It’s a 2003 Jeep Liberty. My question is this, what is the likelihood that the $2000 I’m going to have to sink into this piece of junk will keep it running for another year without having to dump more money into this financial black hole? Should I just jettison the crap-mobile now?


How sure are you about the need for that work?


Sorry I hit reply too soon.

It is almost always cheaper to repair than to replace. I see no indication that does not apply here.


No one can predict your vehicle’s likelyhood of problems.

The bulk of vehicles from ANY make/manufacturer do not have that many issues.

Look at the overall financial picture of getting rid and buying another. All cars require maintenance and repair from time to time. Except this fact of life and hope for the best. good luck