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Jeep help

I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee and am having a problem my mechanic can’t figure out. Sometimes it starts, sometimes it dosen’t, heat or time of day has no influence. It even dies while I am driving. While driving it will die and start again over and over. Sometimes it runs fine with no problems. Have had this problem for 1 1/2 years now. Have relpaced rotor, dist cap, pick up coil, tune up, computer sensor, fuel filter. So far nothing has helped. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appriciated. Can’t afford to take car to get diagnosed. I am sick and really need reliable transportation.

Autozone or Pepboys will ‘read’ your OBD-II computer codes for free. Try that out and let us know if any codes are reported, and what, exactly, they are.

A guess…ignition switch ? ( the switch , not the key cylinder. )
To experiment ;
start it and stay parked.
wiggle…just wiggle , don’t turn off, the keys to see if you can make it quit. ( a good wiggle may be what makes it work again )

I had an 80 Bronco with a worn out ignition switch. You’d be driving and the gauges all would die, the radio too. You could also see the problem at first start up if you didn’t pull the keys all the way back to make contact.
It didn’t kill the ignition , but in theory…

Could be front O2 or crank sensor.

Take it to a local parts store-many will scan codes for free. Even if you need to pay someone, you’ve spent more than the diagnostic fee blindly replacing parts as it is.

It could be quite a few things. But my first guess based on the symptoms would be a problematic crank sensor or fuel pump. A mechanic could figure it out if you could somehow deliver the vehicle to him/her when it isn’t working.

We just happened to have that problem on our fork lift today, one battery terminal was corroded and I hit the terminal to twist it a couple of times with a hammer and all was good, don’t overlook the obvious.

Have your local “Zone” check for codes. If they find the dreaded P0351, chances are it will need ignition coil and computer replaced.