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Antilock/awd light/awd not working

hey anyone know about this issues.
2003 buick rendezvous with awd not working. anti-lock/awd light on. I have replaced all 4 wheel bearings on it, and awd still wont work? its crazy that no one in my town knows how to fix this.

One bad ABS sensor will disable the Traction control and all wheel drive on this car.

You need to have the codes from the ABS/traction control/AWD system pulled. It is a waste of time and money until the code is pulled. The system is fail-safe, meaning a fault code will shut down the system to prevent unintended actions from taking place. Until you know what the computer module sees as a problem, you’re going to be throwing money into a blind pit.

thank you…thank you…I think you’re right. I’m going to another mechanic with this info, as I am out already$700 with wheel,rear hub assembly & bearings on all tires.

the mechanic is saying he cleared the codes and that nothing happened. he thinks its the “control module”? electric? open circut? He recommended going to dealer for a a diagnostic?? claims it will be another $100…uhh, $700 in the pit and those two lights are still on & the awd still doesnt work…I had all four wheel bearings put in. n still nothing. he said there arent any visible broken cables either.

Wheel bearings would not have been my first choice of parts to throw at the problem, much less all 4. There are a number of possibilities, but cleaning electric connections to the transaxel would be one in my book. You really need a different opinion.

Im thinking of selling at this point. ? Would anyone buy this car given awd dissabled/anti-lock light on and awd not working? If yes, any suggestions on price? 2003 buick rendezvous CXL188k. 3 seater in 3rd row/ moonroof/ etc…Kelley Blue Book fair conditions is $3,550… How much should I depreciate from fair price condition given above issue?

If you are near WI I would come look at it, 3550 seems low, as is a fair price.

Im in Duluth Mn, by miller hill mall. Do you mean that you are interested in looking at it to buy it?

The idea is that there were actually codes - and apparently still are if the lights are still on and the system is not functioning.

So given that there are codes - people here would need to know what they are, and they’re still in there… I don’t know what it means for a mechanic to say that s/he cleared codes and “nothing happened”

In my area, you’d probably be looking at getting $500 for it. Forget KBB. There was a time when it seemed to match up pretty well to how things sold around my area. That is absolutely no longer the case. KBB values are now wildly inflated - at least for private party sales and that probably doesn’t apply to every single vehicle. I think that turn for KBB came when they were bought by Autotrader.

Cigroller -I hear you. I am not sure what he meant either by “nothing happened”. I know he was frustrated with not being able to solve the problem.

Heysonia, did he at least write down the codes someplace? Or perhaps he doesn’t even have the equipment to read them? You need someone with the GM Tech II scanner or one that does the equivalent. The dealers will usually be very expensive, but I have local shops in my area that have Tech II and charge more like $65 or so for the basic scan/diagnostic.

Cigroller- what area are you in? the dealer said between 70-100. The mechanic said 100. is the tech machine different than a diagnostic/ or scanner? sorry but he did say something about needing equipment. however, I remember he used machine that showed wheel bearings initially. sorry but all.of it its confusing and It doesnt help.when I don’t understand well.

I’m in central VA.

Not all scanners / diagnostic equipment are created equal. GMs, in particular, have all sorts of super-secret things accessible only to scanners with with Tech II capabilities. It’s basically special software, but generally expensive.

Unfortunately I think you’re just looking at having to spend the money or dump it for whatever you can get. Here is an example list of error codes for ABS - it probably applies to an '03 GM but I don’t know for sure, so I’m just putting it here to give you an idea:

Hopefully your guy didn’t come up with something like these:
DTC C1221 LF Wheel Speed Sensor Input Signal is 0
DTC C1222 RF Wheel Speed Sensor Input Signal is 0
DTC C1223 LR Wheel Speed Sensor Input Signal is 0
DTC C1224 RR Wheel Speed Sensor Input Signal is 0

and then decide to replace all of the wheel bearings on the basis of something like that. The thing about your wheel bearings, btw, is that the speed sensors are built into them. So if a speed sensor had a problem on this car, the bearing / hub assy has to be replaced. (That’s a central part of how ABS/Trac work. The car constantly monitors speed at each wheel and tries like hell to keep all the wheels going at the same speed).

Anyway I wouldn’t be surprised if you just had a simple wiring problem someplace. Unfortunately though, getting to the bottom of it will require more $$. (And a different mechanic).

thank you Cigroller this is very helpful. thank you all for the input. I have own many cars and truck but this dilemma with the buick rendezvous has been puzzling for me n difficult to figure out when I have read that so many people have had the same issue with the same thing on these cars. thanks everyone!