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2005 Buick Rendezvous AWD disable light

My 2005 Rendezvous AWD disable light started to come on after a long drive and slowly started to come on sooner and sooner and now its on all the time. I have cleaned the connector at the control valve for the hydraulic pump on the front drivers side of the rear differential, checked the diff fluid level and even cleaned the anti lock connectors at each wheel and nothing has fixed the problem. The car runs great and there are no unusual noises - help!!

M. Harrigan, Check The Connector On The Floor To The Rear Of The Driver’s Seat For Evidence Of Water / Moisture Intrusion (corrosion) And To Be Sure That The Female Terminals Have Not Become Spread Apart.

Well, you get the idea having already cleaned other connectors. Too much water could lead to an investigation of its source. I’d be tempted to apply some dielectric grease to the connections.

This connector has been problematic in some 2002 - 2006 Rendevous complaints.


Just re-cleaned and added dielectric grease to all the connectors and the light stays on, any other suggestions? thanks folks!