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Odd ABS codes

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I am looking at a 2003 Audi Quattro Avant 3.0 with 144k. Asking $2,300. I had noticed the ABS and Traction Control Light on. I asked for a scan and this what they came back. Code 00290, 00287, and 01435. Both rear speed sensor and the ABS module. I was wonder it the speed sensors being bad/dirty/wire issue could flag a false ABS module as being bad. Should I run away or try to fix it? Thanks

Tell them to fix it then call you . Surely you have been coming to this site enough to now know that an old used European vehicle can be very expensive to repair . There are thousands of used vehicles on the market that don’t start out needing repairs.


Is the car worth $4600 to you? 'Cause even if you fix this yourself you’ll have another $2300 in this car trying to fix it. Audi parts are not cheap.

Or can you live with it broken? If so, you don’t need to ask us this question.

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Audi = A VW with lock washers.


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