Antifreeze STUCK and NOT FLOWING ( 2005 Ford Crown Victoria LX)

My car Started To Get Close To OVERHEATING yesterday on My way to
work…I have noticed that The Anitfreeze Has Been In the Same Place For
4months Now…It NOT flowing at all…Does Anyone know what The Problem may be

Has the thermostat ever been replaced ?

I dont Think So

Its Just Started To Get Close To Overheating Yesterday Before That It never Gotten that high

@tripptrippy is there a CEL on? And how many miles do you have on your car ? It could be something as simple as a thermostat that isn’t opening up… or it could be a blockage in the radiator somewhere. Has the coolant ever been changed out? Old coolant can cause blockage in your radiator if it’s old.

Can you confirm you don’t have a coolant leak ? These cars are pretty nortorious for having the intake manifold either crack and leak out coolant or the gaskets go and you will see a leak either around the front by your alternator or sometimes in the back near the firewall

My car Has 350k Miles on it(I Know It Alots)
4months It Had a Leak Problem and My Mechainc Put some STOPLEAK in there and It hasn’t Went Down Ever Since

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Hmm did your mechanic happen to tell you where the leak was coming from?

I’ll wait til others chime in, but in my experience those stop leak products can sometimes cause way more problems than fixes. Without seeing the car I’m leaning on you have a blockage somewhere in the radiator ( assuming that’s where the leak was coming from? )

IMO you need to take your car into your mechanic and get this problem resolved if you aren’t comfortable working on the car.

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He said it was coming from the radiator tank cause.when i used to put Antifreeze in there it would drain out within 2days then after he pour the stopleak in there it hasnt drained since

‘LeakStop’ gums up holes. If you use enough it’ll gum up the whole system. Repair or replace your radiator.

Can a bad AC compressor cause the car to overheat and the coolant not to flow right

No. Coolant flow depends on the water pump, the thermostat, and the condition of the plumbing, including the slim tubes in the radiator.

Please elaborate on this. What do you mean that the antifreeze has been in the same place for months? Do you mean at the same level in side the tank or radiator? Which are you looking at? When are you looking at it?

What makes you come to the conclusion that the antifreeze is not flowing?

Yes its been at the same level…And recently When i turn the Car On…The radiator fan comes on for bout 3mins then it shuts Off and wont come back on.So Everytime my car stops the Temp Raises

also when i turn On My Ac this Happens
I just uploaded a video of what Happens When I Turn On My Ac

Does the fan run if you turn the AC on ?

I’m confused here now by your posts based off what you have stated what is wrong. you either have a blockage in the radiator some place or your radiator fan isn’t working like it should and that would explain why your car is overheating…

So which is it?

Its both i think…The Coolant been at the same level for like 4months and when i turn the AC on…The Fans Runs,but it makes a weird clunky sound…

does your car have two fans?
This sounds like a fan issue- especially if the stop leak was added several months ago, and the fan is making funny noises…
You aren’t supposed to have to add coolant to your systems very often- so if the coolant level isn’t dropping- that is probably a good thing.

The coolant level isnt dropping At all…Its Just that Its starting to Overheat…Like when i turn the car On the fan starts but then it turns off after like 3mins and only comes on when you turn on the Ac…if i dont Turn on the AC it wont even Turn back on when its close to Overheating

It sounds like it could be the fan motor electrical switch that plugs in… I have an ‘06 Grand marquis (same car) and the fan would come on intermittently and would cause the car to overheat. Cost me $300 at my mechanic to fix it. Not saying that is what your problem is… but it certainly sounds fan related.

There’s no CEL on?

Again, have your mechanic look at the car and find the problem.

Im bringing it to him tomorrow…I have a feeling it is FAN RELATED to,because you can Hear the difference when the Fan shuts off and thats when the Over Heating Start