Over heating, leaks, no puddle

Had a new radiator put in almost a month ago because it was run off the road, a hole was in the radiator. Now that it’s fixed I’m having trouble with my car overheating, my anit freeze is leaking but no puddle, the heat runs cold. What’s wrong with it? 2003 mustang

If there is no puddle, then you may have air trapped in the block.

Google " burping a radiator".


Had that issue and had it fixed but still having these issues

The cooling system is not full, if there is a leak it must be repaired whether it causes a puddle or not. Don’t operate the engine with insufficient coolant, engine damage may occur.

If you’ve got a coolant leak, the cooling system isn’t holding pressure, which in itself will cause overheating. So correcting that leak is the first priority. That sort of overheating usually happens like this: when driving on the freeway, no overheating; then after exiting the freeway and driving on the surface roads, you get some overheating happening. If it overheats only during idling, suspect the radiator fan. To check for that, when it overheats during idling, pull off the road but keep the engine running, get out and pop the hood. The radiator fan should be spinning like crazy. Is it?

The lack of heat from the heater suggests

  • you still have air trapped in the cooling system. It’s possible you had it bled ok, but more air has entered b/c of the coolant leak.

  • or, thermostat problem, which can cause both overheating and lack of heat from the heater

  • or, there’s plenty of heat from the heater available, but the hvac blend doors aren’t working correctly. There’s two hoses that go through the firewall for the heater. When you feel them at a time you should be getting heat but don’t, do both feel luke warm or cold? Both very warm, about the same temperature? One very warm and one warm, but not as warm as the other? One very warm, and the other luke warm or cold? Do you notice any add’l engine cooling when the heater is turned on?

How much antifreeze are you replacing, say, per week?

Remove the oil dip stick and check the oil for coolant contamination.


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