Antifreeze STUCK and NOT FLOWING ( 2005 Ford Crown Victoria LX)

That’s the plug I referred to that died on my car… yours could be that or the clutch on the Fan is starting to go and you might need a new fan assembly. You’ll find out tomorrow though. Keep the AC on! :+1:t3:

There is a clutch on an electric fan? Hmm learn something new everyday.

If your coolant has not been moving for 4 months, your car would have been overheating for 4 months. If your car doesn’t overheat at highway speeds, then it is either your fan or what controls your fan. Since the fan works sometimes, I am betting on what controlls it.

If the noise only occurs when the AC is turned on, then I would guess there’s a problem with the radiator/condenser cooling fan assembly.


It turned out to be my WATER PUMP had a crack in it and It stopped Pumping Coolant…The reason the Coolant Stayed at the Same level is because It pumped Enough Coolant in it to where it was still running cool over them Months before it stopped working.So The Coolant Kept it running good for a bit,but the coolant started to go bad inside the water pump over time thats why the car started to OVERHEAT now…When he took off the waterpump…Gallons of Brown Bad Coolant just Rushed out.It was Gross

Either you don’t understand your mechanic very well or he is not good at explaining things or he doesn’t . understand cooling systems.

“Coolant going bad inside the water pump” is not a real thing.


If you plan to keep this car for some time, suggest to replace the radiator and radiator cap along w/the water pump. And address any engine compartment fan problems there might be. And have your shop check the AC compressor to be sure it isn’t locking up and bogging down the engine. Check that the wheels turn freely too, so you know the brakes aren’t locking up on you. Once you get al that done you should have a cool running lean machine. Good idea to replace the coolant every couple of years or so.