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Antifreeze leak...HELP!

My car is 5 years old. I’ve had the radiator replace, the thermostat twice, new water pump, new emissions thing (sorry, I have no idea what that’s called)and my car is still leaking antifreeze…but not outside the car!

What is going on with this car. Three different shops ahve done the worka dn it seems like it’s the same problem over and over again. Any thoughts?

here again,we need veh model
model year
engine size
trans type
4wd,awd,fwd,rear wheel? ect
then maybe some help.

need veh model - Hyundai Elantra
Mileage- 80420
model year - 2003
engine size - 4 cyl
trans type - 2.0L
4wd,awd,fwd,rear wheel? ect - rear wheel rrive

If you’re leaking antifreeze and it isn’t going to the outside world then it’s being burned. That would indicate a breech in the headgasket.

Have you been having any overheating problems? Has the compression been checked to see if the cylinders are holding pressure? Do you have any signs of hydrocarbons in the coolant? Does the radiator bubble when the engine is running?

A breech in the headgasket (blown headgasket) would allow the engine to draw in and vaporize coolant. It would also allow hot combustion gasses to blow into the water jacket, heating the coolant, putting exhaust gasses (including unburned hydrocarbons) in teh coolant, and migrating up out the radiator as bubbles.

Post back if you have any of the aforementioned symptoms.