Antifreeze Smell/Leak Weird!

I’ve noticed antifreeze leaking from the back of my Expedition several times. Once when I stopped for gas, on flat land, and once when I was parked on an incline. I’ve also noticed it in my driveway which in on an incline. The leaking is NOT coming from the tailpipe side of the truck. It is following a path and leaking out the rear end of the drivers side of the truck. It is actually more than leaking out, it is pouring out in a large quantity. I’ve had to refill my radiator many times prior to seeing this and wondered why. I now know why I’m refilling so often, but not why it’s leaking from the back end. I also have a very, very strong antifreeze smell inside my truck. It is so strong it makes us sick. This morning I noticed, while dropping kids off, that while the truck was idling, the heat went cold. This is the first time that happened!

My heater core broke last year and my husband replaced it. Took a long time due to the location, work, etc… Could he have (oh, horrors!) done something wrong? He’s a very good mechanic, but can’t smell worth a darn, so the few times he’s driven my truck, he doesn’t smell the antifreeze. He was perplexed when I told him anitifreeze is draining out the rear end. I need help as the cold is upon us and I can’t go without heat! Do you have any ideas as to what might be going on? Oh yes, the truck is a 1998, 4x/V.8 and has 210,000 miles.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Does it have rear heat ? if so it has two lines going to the back and a heater core in the back.

Yes, it has rear heat. Where would the heater core in back be located?

Im not exactly sure if you slide under it you should be able to see the two lines going back to it and get a good idea .Also auto Zone will loan you a repair manual which will give you should give location and how to remove and replace it.

Thank you for the information. I will pass it onto my husband. I’m sure he will be thrilled by this! NOT!
I am also wondering if it is a health hazard to breath in antifreeze fumes? It certainly burns my throat.
Again, thanks for any further information anyone can supply regarding this problem.

Many of us are not bothered at all by antifreeze fumes but some folks are more sensitive than others. Clearly this is bothering you. Drive this vehicle as little as possible and keep the window open.

You MUST get this fixed as soon as possible. One of these trips all the coolant will gush out and your engine will overheat and be ruined. You may get lucky; maybe you only have to replace a hose.

Unfortunately at this time, this is my only means of transportation to work, kids, etc… I will be diligent in watching for overheating and severe drainage.
My husband was hoping against hope that the heater core was the problem. He assures me he will look at it this weekend. I checked further and apparently the fumes are not toxic, but are bothersome to many, including me and my kids.
Thanks again for your input!

I bet it is easier to replace the rear heater core than the one in front. In any case, you can temporarily bypass the rear core until it can be replaced.