2003 Buick Rendezvous leaking antifreeze

antifreeze is leaking green all over car and on ground passenger right front

Well, if you are not mechanically inclined then you need a radiator shop or at least a good mechanic.

Could be the water pump or a hose, Don’t drive this car until you know what the problem is.

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Without more info, I would guess a cracked radiator hose is spurting antifreeze.


My guess, water pump is worn out and leaking. Or could be just a hose or hose connector, like one for the heater. In any event, should be easy for a shop to take a look-see and tell what the problem is. Major engine damage could result if the coolant ever runs low, so needs immediate shop att’n. If there’s even a slight chance the coolant level is low in the radiator, don’t drive, tow it in.

For tough to spot leaks, shops can put some special UV dye into the coolant and figure it out that way.