Antifreeeze color

have a 2013 Toyota Corolla, I keep the maintenance on my car update.
I recently added antifreeze , since the level was to low. I couldn’t find the red antifreeze that is suppose to go in it. I added this universal type antifreeze
which it light yellow in color. I couldn’t find the red type of anti freeze.
I didn’t add to much because it didn’t need that much. My question is this going
to be alright

@dmccra “I couldn’t find the red type of antifreeze.”

Buy it at your local Toyota dealer

Zerex asian antifreeze will also work, and it’s formulated for Asian vehicles, such as yours. It’s red, by the way

It won’t be a problem that you added a small amount of universal antifreeze

However, I’d check to see that you don’t have any leaks. If you have to keep adding antifreeze, you clearly have an issue

I concur.