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Can you mix antifreezes or not?

2014 Dodge Journey with 130k miles. Had a Check Engine light last week. The scan said to replace the thermostat, which I did yesterday. In the course of doing that, about a half gallon of orange antifreeze ran out into the pan. I didn’t flush it completely (hindsight 20/20). I replaced it with yellow Prestone antifreeze, ‘for use in all vehicles with any antifreeze.’ The guys at AutoZone said it was fine, but I googled it after the fact and I’m reading–A. OMG Don’t do this!, B. It’ll corrode your engine eventually, C. It’s okay but it’ll reduce the life of the antifreeze, D. It’s totally okay, no problems. Which one is it?

If it’s a universal/global anti-freeze then you’re fine

The antifreeze that was in your vehicle is a HOAT anti-freeze. The anti-freeze you added is a HOAT antifreeze.