How do you get the anti-theft off on a 2000 Ford Windstar?

With diagonal cutting pliers. Also, an Automotive Security and Alarm Company will disable it for you. Let your fingers do the walking in the Yellow Pages for these shops.

How do we know you are not a thief seeking info? I and most others never post info on disabling anti-theft systems.

O gosh you figured me out!! Come on now I am asking cuz I thought it was my starter for months and then figured out it’s the antitheft!! Thanks for nothing!!

What does the owner’s manual say about this? There may be some good advice in the manual. I know, “Who reads owner’s manuals?” Well, if you have any brains at all, you will read the owner’s manual. If you haven’t read the manual . . .

Yeah I do have brains!! I don’t have the owners manual or uhhhhhh… I would have read it!! What is it w/ the people on this site? I have only got rude coments!! I don’t need any body else to reply, I can figure this out on my own, some Americans ya’ll are!!

I was not rude to you I simply said my policy and the policy of most on the site was not to give out info on defeating security systems,we try to look out for everyone and we know we can be scammed,it really was not my intent to make you angry or to make myself appear as a smart a**. It is just a security thing (pun intended).