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Anti-Theft system disabling my ignition

My 1995 Nissan Maxima will not start. At first I thought the battery was dead because it had not been cranked in over 2 weeks. I tried jumper cables and after a sufficient charge was on the battery the anti-theft system kicked in, i.e. the horn started blowing and the lights flashing. I tried the ignition but the starter would not engage. I then tried replacing the battery but the same thing happened. How to I get my car started?

Is it an OEM anti theft system or an after market add on?

If it is an after market system, I would look for a local automotive electronics shop and ask them to remove it and try to patch the electronics back up. If it is factory system, talk to the electronics shop or the dealer.

Keep watching for new replies as someone may be more information.

Good Luck

Okay for those that may need an answer to this situation if it ever happens to you. My first impression was correct. Dead battery. I suspect that the dead battery was caused by the alarm system. I discovered that by unlocking the trunk with the key that the anti-theft disable will reset. Once this was accomplished I was able to start the car. Of course the new battery was installed first.