1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Antitheft system disabling the car?

To cut a very, very, long story short:

For the last 3 or 4 years, occasionally when I turn on the ignition to start the car, nothing happens as if the battery is completely dead. Not only it does not crank, there is not even a click sound and there is no power to the radio, electric windows or door locks!

Through trial and error over the years, I discovered that if I wiggled the battery cables? connectors, the Hazard lights will start flashing and if I then locked and unlocked the driver?s side door with the key (the remote keys had fallen apart a long time ago), the lights will stop flashing. And after that if I tried starting the car, the car will start!

It used to happen every few months or so but lately the problem has been recurring more frequently ? on a weekly or so basis and it is taking a lot more tries of wiggling the battery cables? connectors, locking and unlocking of the driver?s side door to start the car. I cannot duplicate the problem ?at will?! I tried:

a) opening the driver side door before turning off the ignition,

b) turning off the ignition before putting the transmission lever into ?Park? position.

and few other combos!

If wiggling the battery connectors restores the power from the battery, these need to be cleaned and/or replaced. The connectors should be tight enough that you cannot wiggle them. It is normal for the anti-theft system to kick in when the battery is disconnected. If you properly clean and/or replace the battery cable ends, this whole cycle will stop.

Good advice from BK. I recommend you purchase a battery post cleaning brush to clean the battery connections. If doing that doesn’t clear the trouble then you need to make sure the smaller battery cable that goes to the main power panel under the hood is making good connection. Look for signs of internal wire corrosion at the battery end of the wire. Also check the grounding between the battery and the chassis for any problems.

Been there, done that. The connectors and the terminals are clean. The problem has occurred with brand new battery allso.

The connectors are not left loose. I loosen them when the problem occurs to do the wiggling.