Car won't start, seems to be related to alarm system

My Nissan 1996 Maxima could not start this morning.

None of the electrical system works. No lights, no power window/locks, no radio, no clock… When I turn the key to “on” position, sometimes all the dummy lights would go on, sometimes no lights at all. When I turn the key to crank, all the dummy lights go off and nothing happens.

I am suspecting that the alarm system could be the culprit, because when the dummy lights go on when it is at “on” position, the clock is showing the right time, so this could not be a battery problem.

Since I bought the car a few years ago, it had problems with starting. When I turn it to “on” position, there would be no response at all, then when I do it again, it cranks normally and starts.

Sometimes, when I open the trunk when all the doors are locked and closed, the alarm would sound, which suggests the alarm system is not functioning normally.

How would I disable the alarm system to drive it to the dealer to get it removed?

Or do you think it is some other problem?

“. . . so this could not be a battery problem.”

I think you should consider having your battery “load tested.” The symptoms you describe sound an awful lot like a near-dead battery to me.

The lights may come on, the radio may work, etc, but that doesn’t mean the battery has enough amperage to start the engine.

Based on the symptoms you describe, I would also not eliminate a battery problem. It does sound a lot like a battery problem, or a battery-related problem. I am thinking along the lines of a corrosion problem on the battery terminals, starter, ground, or even in the battery cables. I have seen instances where corrosion can occur inside the insulation of a battery cable, unnoticed, and cause all sorts of problems like what you describe. You may want to check your battery cables for excessive resistance, or even just replace them to see if the problem is there. The cables are more likely to give you semi-reliable performance for a few years than a bad battery is.