1992 nissian maxama

I broke my my passenger window out and if that was not bad enough with this cold weather now my i guess my anti lock system is stuck i do not know it tuns over but will not start can the anti lock sys be by passed?

What could the ABS system possibly have to do with starting the engine of a Nissan Maxima–or any other car? If the engine doesn’t start, how would you know whether the ABS system was stuck? This makes very little sense to me and I suspect that you are leaving out a lot of important information.

Could you mean the anti-theft system? If so it is OEM or after market? (Anti-lock systems are on the brakes :slight_smile: If it is not OEM I would have someone take it totally out.

In any case try to give us all the details. For example when the starter is turning the engine over is it as fast as usual for the temperature or is is slow. Any recent repair work. Have there been any accidents?

Joseph–I guess that we both posed questions that are too challenging for the OP to respond to.