Anti-lock light on

the anti-lock light came on on the dashboard of my LR Disco, thought it may be break fluid, so I topped that. but it did nothing, the light is still on. it came on about two weeks ago. The breaks work and no change in performance there. Does anyone know what the problem maybe?

Well the problem is that there is a fault with the ABS system and it has been turned off. Could be anything from a fuse, wheel sensor, to controller. Check the fuses but after that it is to the shop to have the codes checked for further diagnosis. Or drive without ABS.

Low brake fluid would not turn on the ABS light, but the regular brake warning light, and then generally only when you press the brake pedal.

For whatever reason, your ABS system is not functional. A failure there doesn’t affect regular brake operation, so nothing unusual there. You may have a bad or dirty ABS sensor at one of your wheels. They do tend to get caked up with brake dust, gunk from the road, etc. That’s just a guess though. Might need to let a shop hook up to it and let it tell them what the exact issue is.

“Low brake fluid would not turn on the ABS light, but the regular brake warning light.”

If for any reason the primary brake warning light comes on it’ll cause the ABS light to come on automatically. This is because the ABS will not function if there’s a problem with the primary brake system. So the ABS light comes on to warn you of this.


That does not happen with my car. A few weeks ago the brake warning light was coming on to warn me of low brake fluid (because the rear pads were worn down enough to drop the fluid level), and the ABS light never lit up. Same experience with a couple of other cars: the ABS light has not come on simply because the primary brake light has. Perhaps it depends on the vehicle.

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Eliminate the wheel speed sensors first, before assuming it is more complicated than that. ABS wheel sensor failure is pretty common, and easily fixable.