Antifreeze Leak

As I was about to pull onto the highway I noticed smoke coming from my engine. I pulled into my mechanic. The antifreeze was empty. He filled it but couldn’t find a leak. The next day I found antifreeze on my garage floor. I brought it back but he still couldn’t find a leak. He thought he might have spilled some when he filled it. It is now two weeks later and the antifreeze is still leaking. I see it when I pull out of and into my garage when I momentarily stop to open and close the door.1. Why can’t he find the leak? 2.Why wouldn’t he want to find the leak as this would mean business?

If he can’t find a leak, and there is one, then go to another mechanic.

He can’t find the leak because he isn’t trying hard enough. Go elsewhere. Finding coolant leaks isn’t rocket science.

Go quickly. The leak just may be coming from a rapidly failing water pump.