Antenna mast on a 2000 VW Golf

I recently noticed that the rubber housing of the antenna (mounted on the roof in a VW) is crumbling away, exposing a metal looking part. This is just the bottom section where it gets thicker. Can I buy this rubber piece or do I have to buy the whole mast? Also is it easy to replace the mast? I don’t want to risk my radio reception. It is great in this car!

You might be able to fix it. Go to an electrical supply outlet and get some butyl rubber tape. Wrap a layer around the exposed area and knead it in. The butyl rubber will seal the exposed area and if the job is done neatly, it should not be too noticeable.

I think I would try some heat shrink tubing. I think I have some left over from an assortment package that I bought a while back that would fit. (at least if would fit on my 2002 VW

That may be a better solution.