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What is this electrical cable for/connected to?

I have a Mitsubishi Endeavor 2005.

I knocked over my side plastic cover by my passenger seat. When I tried to put it back on, I accidentally pushed it too hard and exposed one of the wires behind the cover.

It doesn’t look like the cable is broken/damaged, just the plastic/wrapping part scrapped off.

Does anyone know what is this cable for? Connected to? Can I just wrap some electrical tape around it?

Or do I need to bring it to mechanic to get it replaced?


If your radio antenna is at the rear of the car the black cable is the antenna wire and it doesn’t appear to be damaged.

Can’t tell from the picture. Just wrap electrical tape around it ,put it back and if every thing works drive on.

Excuse me! on second look I see the photo of the wire with insulation pealed off and that does need some attention. Ideally the wire should be cut and soldered back together in order to get heat shrink around the bare spot but if carefully taped and secured it should be OK.

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Thanks, Do you know what that might be connected to?.. I thought it was passengers air bag but it doesn’t seem to be connected to underneath the car seat

Mr. Toraben, you did not know it was there before so if nothing has stopped working I would just not even concern myself about it. But you could go to the dealer but it might cost to find out.


I just wanted to make sure it’s nothing critical like air bags or something.

The red/yellow wire appears to be connected to that ground connection on the lower cowl, that is not an airbag. Airbag leads and connectors outside of the main wiring harness are identified by a yellow wrap or tubing.

If you don’t have shrink tubing for wiring repairs you can apply some RTV to the cut to keep moisture out, then tape it up.

That makes sense. I just took a second look at the copper. it appears to be undamaged and still intact. I’ll mummify it with electrical tape. I don’t have RTVV though :confused:

RTV is simply Room Temperature Vulcanizing silicone silastic. It’s available in small tubes for a few bucks at any hardware store. It’s easy to use and an excellent insulator, anchor, and in many cases even an adhesive. I agree with the suggestion because this irregular construction will be difficult to secure against vibration with electrical tape, and if that isn’t done it’s exposed to road vibration and may come apart.


Sorry if this is dumb but is there any type I have to use? or any RTV will do?

Like this?

I don’t think you should buy a tube of RTV for only this purpose, I suggested it because it is something that some of us have an abundance of.

Most people would simply wrap the bare wire with electrical tape but it would be better to apply something to keep moisture out. Any type of adhesive that you have around the house will work. With the wire being inside the car protection from moisture really isn’t critical.

Sure, that’d work fine. As would this for $3.98 at the hardware store.