Another "too much oil" question

This isn’t as bad,

The other day I checked the oil with the engine completely cold and found it to be just under .5 quarts low. so I added just less than .5 quarts. Checked again this morning and found the oil line to be 2 or 3mm above the upper mark,

Is this anything to be alarmed about?

Nope, absolutely not.

I know of no engine for which 3 mm above the full line will cause a problem. They have a much wider “tolerance zone” than that.

It depends when you checked the oil. If you checked it just after shutting down the engine, about .5-1 quart is till up in the top of the engine! It needs time to drain down!

The best time to check the oil is after the cars have been sitting at least 1/2 hour. Or early in the mornign before starting.

Don’t worry about being a couple of millimeters high; check the oil in a few weeks after letting the car sit for a while.

I checked it after the engine sat overnight. Thanks.