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Did I add too much oil?

The other day I noticed my oil is low. Not really thinking I poured in a quart. Now when I look at the dipstick the oil is about an inch over the “F.” Did I "F"up?


Keep your eye on the oil pressure light/gauge and listen for any unusual engine noises.
If the oil level is up to the crankshaft lobes, the rotating crankshaft lobes can whip air into the oil aerating it. And the oil pump isn’t capable of pumping aerated oil.

If any of this happens, some of the oil needs to be drained.

If the engine continues to operate normally, don’t worry about it.


." Did I "F"up?
You might consider ( Did I make a mistake ) when you edit your post. As to your question, no harm done.

Can you post a photo of how much over the Fill line it is? Include the “Add” line in the photo for reference.
Tester is absolutely right about the “frappe effect”, but most engines will tolerate an extra quart before the surface of the oil pool begins to be contacted by the crank.

An entire inch above the “full” line needs to be addressed imo. It’s a simple matter for a shop to drain a little out. If not addressed? Overfilling can cause engine damage. Whether 1 inch will cause any in your car, who knows. But I wouldn’t take the chance were I making the car payments and paying the repair invoices, when fixing the problem is such a simple thing for a shop to do.

I’m posting here as I want advice on this as well…you veterans who post here ALWAYS give great advice. Or should I make a new topic? And it’s a bit long winded!
Took my “newer” (to me) 2014 Camry to a new independent mechanic last week (to try out one close to home) for the 50K service. First one I’ve done since owning the car at ~45K.
Everything checked fine, but they did the required oil change.
Now, I want this car to last as long as my old faithful '90 Integra HAD, and I’ve read where many of you recommend checking oil levels yourself even after it’s done by someone else, to make sure oil was added!
Level when I got home was just above the top fill line; car had been driven for just a few miles. Was not sure if this was bad, as at least there was oil in it.
Saw this topic-post this week, read the above responses and have not noticed any issues yet.
Today, I decided to check it again and it still just as high. The engine had been driven for a while this morning.
Now, what prompted my post is I also noticed a bit of pink coolant around the cap of the overflow reservoir (did not see this before and think I would have as I’m trying to keep the engine compartment looking pristine) which made me look at the level in the reservoir and it is about a cm ABOVE the max fill line…is this okay? What if this shop topped off coolant and added too much? Does this matter? I opened the Radiator pressure cap when it was cool enough and it is full.
Sorry my posts are always long :blush:

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I agree with Volvo’s recommendation.

Yep, me three. The internet can be a dangerous place.

So now you know if oil level is below tic Mark on dipstick you only need to add 1/2 qt to raise level to top tic Mark? Approx?