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I have a question about too much oil in my cars engine

I have a 1996 buick century. I’ve been having problems with it ever since i got it. When i get an oil change I have to add oil before it’s time for my next oil change. So i added some oil, about two bottles of it and then two more about 2 weeks later and now there is too much oil in my engine. It’s about alittle less than 1/4 of an inch above the full line on the dipstick. Is that way too much oil? If so how do i get the oil out. This is my first car and I don’t know very much about cars. All my dad told me is too much oil is bad for the engine. Also it looks like it is leaking something, but that could be something else, not oil. I keep checking the dipstick and the oil level isn’t going down, so i don’t think i’m leaking oil.

A 1/4 " above the full mark should not hurt anything…But if you are worried, remove the drain plug for a second or two to remove the oil…But if have needed to add 4 quarts since your last change, this small amount should burn off soon enough…

Try working on some type of plan to become more car knowledgeable. The more you know about both the repair biz and the cars themselves the better. The Dealer will still treat you like an idiot even if you wear your uniform to the service department, but when you know what you know you will not have to back down and take B.S.

Thank you. I appreciate you taking time to answer my question.

I’m concerned about the fact that you needed to add so much oil in the first place. Since this is your first car, I need to point out that it’s bad for your engine to let the oil get that low. You should normally check it at least every few weeks, but since it sounds like you may have an oil leak, you should be checking it more like twice per week until this is figured out.