my friend has a 1999 Lincoln town car, and it has about 1/2 qt. of oil too much,.what can i do and how? what are the repercussions, and can i do it myself.

A half quart too high in a large engine like that is no big deal ,and I would not worry about it. Service stations often do this when the capacity is say 4.5 quarts, they will pull out 5 bottles and just put it in.

+1 to Docnick’s comment.
1/2 quart “extra” oil is not enough to cause foaming of the oil or lead to any problems.
Just…let it be…

really, that is a relief to know, thank you for your comments, i really appreciate it.

1/2 quart over-fill probably isn’t an issue w/that size of engine, but if you want it’s no problem for a shop to drain the extra 1/2 quart out. It’s the same method as they use to drain the oil when doing an oil change, just not as much.

I have an old trucker bud that is anal retentive about adding an extra quart of oil to his and his kids cars after every oil change. No harm yet, but certainly not a recommended procedure.

Barkydog, I agree that’s a bad idea. He can probably get away with it but it’s not very smart. If the level is high enough the crankshaft (and other things) can start hitting the oil in the pan, causing it to foam up. Now you have air in the oil, you’re asking for it.

O am an old trucker who is anal retentive about not overfilling the oil. The easiest way to take 1/2 qt. out of an engine is to loosen . then re-tighter the oil filter. Unless you have one of the new cartridge filters mounter upright on top of the engine.

Even a full quart over is not going to harm a thing. If you start talking about 2 or 3 quarts then there might be an issue but even that is no guarantee of a problem.