Another question about my wife's haunted Escape

#1 shows SEVERAL parts labled “computer box, non-engine” for a 2007 with different part numbers. Is that the one I need? If it is, it would appear that I’ll have to remove mine in order to see the right part number. There several different ones for any given year.

If I can find a smart junction box from a salvage yard, will it have to be flashed to the car in or is it simply “plug and play”? I’m hoping.

Here’s the earlier discussion.


When replacing the SJB, the configuration from the old SJB must be up-loaded to a factory scan tool. Once the new SJB is installed, then the configuration of the old SJB is down-loaded to the new SJB.

I should also mention that the SJB is an integral part of the TPMS.

So it’s not going to be a plug-and-play affair.



Thanks Tester for not letting me make a big mistake. It looks like it’s a job for a pro with the right kind of computer/scanner equipment. Unfortunately that’s not me.