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2004 Ford Taurus SEL Duratec engine power distribution box replacement

Hello group, I have a 2004 Ford Taurus SEL with the Duratec 24 valve DOHC, had an accident and the engine compartment power distribution box broke and have been having different issues since. I found a wrecked 2006 ford taurus with an intact box, can I use the 2006 on the 2004? Is there anything I need to make sure of first? The part numbers seem to be the same although at ford they sell different ones.

Have you tried asking the local Ford Dealership parts department? Someone there may already know.

Will have to stop by tomorrow or call to see if they might know. Thanks.

Go here.

You can see if they list it, and if the part numbers match.


thanks, the components match but when they sell the complete unit then it is different for each model but I cant find what makes them different in their diagrams :frowning:

I wonder if they just configure them differently for different vehicles. Switch some switches or change some jumpers or something? There could be some kind of software change they make too. Often the vehicle-unique configuration of a part like that would be a part of the part number, like 1092347-A for a Mustang vs. 1092345-B for a Taurus, something like that. But not always I guess. Something to ask the Ford Dealership when you visit.

I have spent a lot of time checking the diagrams and part numbers and cannot find anything obvious, I hope the Ford dealer will know because I have called everywhere around here looking for the same year and model and no luck.

I would be most worried if there is different wiring between fuses and relays located in the different model-year units. They are likely similar, but it’s likely revisions were made and the wiring harness may not work with this without some modification. There may be subtle differences that are not obvious at all until you try to use it. It would probably be better to find one for the exact same model and year of your vehicle. You may save a few bucks but spend many hours of frustration and head scratching. Google is your friend–search for the right part.